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Succeed In White Hat SEO For Long-Term Effects

23.03.2017, 21:45

Clients often are looking for a quick achieving high rankings. They want to see their websites on the first page of Google as soon as possible. However, as a rule fast incomes within SEO  go away fast as well. Good work needs time. In this respect, optimizators often face a dilemma choosing between quick but not honest methods known as black hat SEO and sticking to the rules of search engines. The latter tactic is all about ethical or white hat SEO.  

Before you catch the point of white hat SEO supremacy, let’s look through some terminology.

SEO dress code. What hats should optimizators wear?

It is noteworthy that many people believe in 4 types of SEO: 
1.    White hat (ethical) - obeying the search engine guidelines.
2.    Black hat (spamdexing) - not obeying the search engine guidelines.
3.    Grey hat - mixing black and white hat SEO tactics.
4.    Blue hat - implementing only advanced SEO techniques. 
The last two do not exist in an official SEO vocabulary though. They are just a hoax. 

In view of what was said above, we can take into account only white and black hats. Other colors have nothing in common with an official SEO dress code. 


You can learn key differences between black and white hats in SEO.

 Black HAT Strategies 
  • Duplicate content
  • Invisible text and stuffed keywords
  • Cloaking or re-directing the user to another site or page
  • Links from sites with non-relevant content
 White HAT Strategies 
  • Relevant content
  • Well-labeled images
  • Relevant links and references
  • Complete sentences with good spelling and grammar
  • Standards-compliant HTML
  • Unique and relevant page titles

As you see, white hat strategies tend to ensure high-guality information on the Internet, which should be useful, easily perceptible, correct and unique. The main principle in ethical SEO is creating the same content for both indexing and ranking by a search engine. White hats do not use manipulative techniques opposed to black hats. Actually, white hat practicies are a set of professional tools for achieving long-term results. 

How white hat SEO works for long-term results?

Although in case of spamdexing fooling the system works for a while, you never know how long success lasts. The search engine spiders can easily find the deception out. That is why absence of an ethical code is a sign of non-professionalism.

In contrast to black hat SEO tricks, ethical methods guarantee prolonged effects from optimization. Why? The answer is easy: if the search engine guidelines have been followed, a website does not risk to be banned.

Until a website proves its reliability, it will not get high positions. After your web resource has been indexed as a reliable one, its rankings start growing up. The only disadvantage is that indexation by search engines takes some time. 

What makes a website be reliable

Albert Einstein said: “You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else”. In order to follow this brainy advice within SEO, let’s highligt white hat techniques, which ensure reliability and high rankings for a website. 


black white seo for google


White Hat SEO techniques:

●    unique, interesting and correct content
●    easily taken manner of writing
●    no jamming keywords
●    giving an appropriate title to every page
●    offering key-rich meta-tags
●    writing for human readers
●    providing fancy navigation on a website
●    registration in open directories aiming at increasing a web resource popularity
●    link building through blogs commenting, networking and making popular press link to you 

Although white hat methods are very time-consuming, SEO professionals choose them in order to bring their clients long-term success. All in all, honesty is the best policy because you will never have to excuse for it.

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Reply   24.03.2017, 21:02    -1

Kate Reply   25.03.2017, 22:59    1
Thanks, guys! This is a very helpful article! I'm definitely for white hats :)


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