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6 Misconceptions about SEO that Can Ruin Your Internet Marketing

13.05.2017, 13:13

Any specialist in the Internet marketing probably knows how important search engine optimization is. Using the opportunities of SEO, you can increase the organic SERP results, attract more targeted traffic to enhance conversions and strengthen the trust of customers and buyers.

SEO should be the integral part of an every marketing campaign on the Internet. The only problem is that it's very difficult (even today) to prove to business owners why they need it. All these links, keywords, tags, ranking, algorithms are hard to understand for people without marketing skills. In addition, the methods and practices of search engine optimization are developing so quickly that even certified professionals sometimes do not keep up with updates. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many misconceptions about SEO among businessmen.

In this article I will list six most common myths about search engine optimization and explain how they can be used to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. So, consider them in more detail.

# 1 SEO is a One-off Promotion

I do not even know how many times customers asked me the question: "Can I already cease SEO?". And each time my answer was: "No". Because SEO is a process.

The most important thing in SEO is consistency. It is necessary to optimize pages, publish fresh content, put links, attract traffic and constantly improve the structure of a website. If you miss out on at least one moment, search results will inevitably suffer. Competitors are not asleep, so you also are not allowed to relax.

Even if your website has reached the top of the SERP, never stop. I will limit myself to saying that when your website is on top of Google, everything is just beginning. Once having lost their positions in search results, former leaders immediately begin to increase budgets for promotion in order to regain their place in the sun. This fight never ends.

There is no limit to what can be achieved with the help of SEO… but only if you are ready to invest time, money and resources all the time. This is something that an every website owner needs to understand before paying for SEO services. If you need a quick result or a visible effect within a limited time frame, then it is better to choose PPC tools (i.e., get pay per click links) as the primary marketing approach. In this case you will not have to explain why the website did not magically appear on top of the SERP in a couple of weeks.

# 2 All SEO is Built on Links

Although links are still important, do not overestimate their impact on search results. The Google algorithm is very complex, and to be honest, we do not know with accuracy how it works. The only thing we know is that when ranking websites, it relies on many factors such as context, social signals, content, keywords, meta tags and links.

Links are important, but SEO is no longer solely links. Moreover, the quality of links, and not their number, is what really matters. One link from an authoritative resource is much more valued than dozens of thousands of low-grade links. That's why SEO is not so simple as before. You cannot just buy the references mass and thereby send the website to the TOP.

Some websites owners are still confident that SEO guarantees instant results. In their opinion, SEO works like this: they pay for purchasing links, you make a magical sweep of the magic SEO-stick and Booga Booga! - their websites rank among the top 10 resources within Google. These are just sweet dreams!

High-quality, authoritative links - this is what each website needs. However, putting dozens of links to the web resource will not affect the search results as if by magic, if the website has no useful content, lacks intuitive navigation, or is not optimized for mobile devices.

# 3 Keywords are the Pledge of Good Search Results

Once upon a time, keywords were just as important to SEO as links. Everyone could achieve good positions in search results, simply creating tons of low-quality content stuffed with keywords. Fortunately, the days when filling texts with keywords worked out have gone away. Nowadays, you need to move your brains fairly to reach top positions in the SERP.

Do not get me wrong. The statement that competently matched keywords are equal to the best search results is still true, but its meaning has somewhat changed. Today, in order to achieve good positions in organic SERP results, you should not only learn and pick up keywords, but also create high-quality content. To succeed, the content should be optimized and published regularly. Well-chosen keywords, which are naturally used in the text, headlines, subtitles, pictures, videos and links, are the key to success.

So what should they be? It all depends on the topic you are working on, but by and large, you need to pick one or two main keywords for each content unit, and then distribute the appropriate synonyms throughout the text. To cope with this task, you can use LSIGraph, Serpstat analysis of key phrases or Google Predictions.

Google understands the meaning of a unit of content using keywords, but to cope with it, it does not need to have a myriad of them. Therefore, if a client wants to create content on his own, prepare a detailed instruction for him or her how to do it correctly. Unoptimized content, which is littered with keywords, poses a huge danger to the campaign.

# 4 Encryption of Requests Ruined SEO

Google began to encrypt keywords in 2011. The global SEO community was shocked.

SEO professionals are accustomed to accessing keywords and related statistics in Google Analytics. It was convenient to study and analyze useful keywords, as well as those ones that did not give results. Therefore, when GA closed access to the keys, everyone panicked. Some people even stated that encrypted keywords had destroyed SEO.

But, lo and behold, SEO is still with us. Although GA stopped displaying keywords, professional SEO experts still can "work" with web pages. It is necessary to turn to analysis in order to weed out secondary things, but this is not such a big problem. You just need to study pages with better organic output (take into account the subject, keywords, type of header, pictures, structure, links, etc.) and optimize the rest of pages accordingly.

Encrypted keywords did not destroy SEO, but your customers may not know about it. If they are sure that SEO is only about keynotes, and if they were hidden, then SEO can not be, then explain to them how to select keys in 2017. Even without having access to trendy tables and graphs in Google Analytics, you are able to do a lot of things yourself. For example, you can investigate words in Serpstat, use Google Predictions or just survey users on how they found your website.

# 5 Guest Posts do not Work

After in 2014 Matt Cutts made a statement that the guest posting was over, there were many discussions about how Google will continue to operate. Internet marketers and SEO experts, who focused on guest posts, were afraid of losing traffic, but it turned out that only "black" bloggers were punished by Google.

It is 2017, but guest posting is still an effective SEO strategy, if you create and distribute high-quality content regularly. Google punishes websites that publish useless content with a bunch of spam links, but those resources that help people find answers to their questions, providing unique, useful and relevant content, feel excellent! They are the ones that Google wants to see in organic search results.

Guest posts can be applied well for PR purposes. Even if you are afraid of posting links in guest posts for other websites, you can use guest posts to create new relationships, build confidence and help your customers become authoritative experts in their field. If one of your marketing goals is to promote the brand, then guest posting is what you need. So make sure that your client understands all its importance.

# 6 Content Marketing Supplants SEO

Today it is almost impossible to attract, convert, or retain visitors on websites without the help of content. Websites that stopped publishing content eventually sink in traffic, leads and conversions. And yet this does not mean that content marketing ousted other methods of Internet marketing, including SEO.

Each article, infographics, presentation, video and podcast should be optimized. I mean that each content unit should:

● include several correctly selected keywords (2-3 for 500 words)
● have one main keyword in the H1 header
● contain several relevant keywords in subheadings (H2, H3), Alt tags and meta descriptions
● include links to other pages on the website and other authoritative resources

This list can be continued. Not surprisingly, even experts in the field of content marketing need the help of SEO professionals. Good skills in words selection and analytics are very important, but often there is also a lack of understanding of how search engines index content. Thus, thousands of brilliant posts are created, but no one reads them because people cannot find them on Google.

Anyway, if your customers are sure that creating content without SEO is a good idea, then your task is to convince them otherwise. Content is expensive. If you invest in it without competent optimization for search engines, the budget will be quickly exhausted, but will not justify itself. Be careful!


Instead of Conclusions

Internet marketing depends on search engine optimization, and those who are sure of the opposite limit their opportunities on the Internet. SEO can turn into a global good for the search efficiency of your content, which, in its turn, leads to better search results. And this implies more traffic, leads, conversions and, ultimately, profits. This is what every business needs, isn’t it?

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