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The website development agency uk task manager for the specialists is engaged in the project manager cheap web development. Work with the customer begins with the completion of the brief, in which the customer sets out his wishes regarding the visual representation and structure of the site, points out errors in the old version of the site, gives examples of sites of competitors. Based on the brief, the manager makes a technical assignment, taking into account the possibilities of software and design tools. The stage ends after the approval of the technical assignment by the customer. It is important to note at once that the stages of designing websites depend on many factors, such as the site's size, functionality, tasks, which the future resource should fulfill and much more. However, there are several stages that websites for small businesses are necessarily present in the planning of any project.

Design of website development price

Work begins with creating a design, usually in a graphical editor. The designer creates one or more design options, in accordance with the technical assignment. At the same time, websites development for small businesses the design of the main page is created separately, and the designs of typical pages (for example: articles, news, product catalog). Actually, "page design" is a graphic file, a layered drawing consisting of the most small pictures-layers of elements of the general picture.

In this case, the designer must take website development for small businesses into account the limitations of HTML standards (not to create a design, which then can not be implemented by standard HTML tools). The exception is the Flash design.

The number of sketches and the order of their website development company in singapore submission is discussed with the project manager. The project manager also monitors the timing. In large web-studios, an art director participates in the process, which controls the quality of graphics. The stage also ends with the approval of the sketch by the customer website builder for small business usa and australia.

HTML layout

Approved design is transferred to the HTML-maker who useful websites for small business owners "cuts" the graphic image into separate drawings, from which later he adds the HTML-page. The result is a code that can be viewed using a browser. Typical pages will later be used as website development costs tax templates.


Next, website development price in usa the finished HTML-files are transferred to the programmer. Programming of the site can be carried out both from scratch and on the basis of the CMS - site management system. Web developers often call CMS "engine" sites for small business owners.

In the case of CMS, I must say that the "CMS" itself is in some sense a ready-made site consisting of replaceable parts. "Programmer" - in this case, correctly call it simply a CMS making websites for small businesses specialist - should replace the standard template supplied with the CMS with the original template. This original template, he should create on the basis of the original "web design".

When programming a site, the expert is assigned fixes for the dates google websites for small business.

Custom web development agency

The testing process can include a variety of checks: the appearance of the page with enlarged fonts, with different sizes of the browser window, in the absence of a flash player, and many others effective websites for small businesses. Also - usability testing.

The errors detected are sent to the fix until they are fixed. Timing is controlled by the project manager. Also, at this stage, the designer is attracted to the work, so that he conducted the author's supervision companies that build websites for small businesses.

Website development services usa

The cheap websites development for small businesses files are placed on the server of the provider (hosting) and produce the necessary settings. At this stage, the site is still closed to visitors.

Custom web development

The custom website development is filled with content - texts, images, files for downloading, etc. Sometimes cheap web development laptop the texts are compiled by a specialist of the studio, sometimes the responsible person is responsible for the content on the part of the customer. This is decided at the stage of drafting the terms of reference. If the content is compiled by a representative of the studio, business development services for small enterprises then this happens and is approved in parallel with other stages of the project.

Internal SEO-optimization

It is associated with some changes in best website provider for small business the site itself. SEO-optimization begins with the definition of a semantic kernel. Here are defined such keywords that attract the most interested visitors, for which it is easier to win competition. Then these words are entered on the site. Texts, links, other tags are adapted so that search engines can best website builders for small businesses uk successfully find them by keywords.

External SEO optimization

As a rule, it is reduced to constructing the structure of incoming links. This is actually the promotion of the site. To the affordable site development for small businesses of the site, external SEO-optimization has nothing to do. SEO-optimization is classified into "white" and "black" (such, after which the site for two weeks affordable web development companies falls into the top, and then into the search engine bank). Real, "white" SEO-optimization, is a time-consuming and long process, the cost of which can be several times higher than the cost of creating a website average cost of website development for small business.

Web page development cost

The customer best cheap websites for small business or his authorized representative look through the finished project and in case everything suits, then they sign the documents on the web page development course delivery of the project.

Also, at this stage, the customer representative is trained to work in best web development for small business the site administration area.


      Term of website development (since this moment): 7 days.
      Any type of website — for business, personal, corporate, news, etc.
      Online Support.
      We tell you where to start, which design is better to choose and we will fully advise you.

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  • The cost of website creating
    370 USD
  • What is included in the price
    We can create a website for business, corporate, business card, photographer/artist/designer portfolio/blog/news, etc.
  •   High quality of performance, attention to detail
  •   Consultation on design, creation of design
  •   Creation of all pages of website (up to 50, more — agreed additionally)
  •   Adaptive design (for all kinds of devices)
  •   If necessary — any module (services, blog, product catalog, news, restaurant menu, reviews, photo gallery, etc.)
  •   Website Search Form
  •   Feedback Form
  •   Basic SEO optimization (meta-tags, html-tags, h1)
  •   Set Google analytics
  •   Website registration in the Google search engine
  •   Consultation on website management, hosting, domain
  •   1 month of free support, making adjustments on the website
  • Additional services
    (not included in the price, and can be ordered separately)
  •   filling with text and / or materials, commodity items, etc.
  •   multilingual website
  •   cost of domain / hosting
  •   advertising in search engines (Adwords)
  •   website promotion in search engines (SEO)

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